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General Information

Minimum games:1 Game

Game format:5/70 + 1/25 - Choose 5 numbers from 70 and 1 number from 25

Cost per game:AUD $7.00

Draw days:Wednesdays & Saturdays AEST

Est. Jackpot:$765 Million

Closes in:

Matched overseas lottery:US Mega Millions

USA Mega Lotto Results

Winning numbers for 21-Dec-2022


Multiplier 4X

USA Mega Lotto USA Mega Lotto Multiplier
Division Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Division 5 Division 6 Division 7 Division 8 Division 9
Division Prize* $697,081,500.00 $1,499,100.00 $14,991.00 $749.55 $299.82 $14.99 $14.99 $6.00 $3.00
Winners** 0 4 19 583 1589 39318 33995 258925 614481
Division Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Division 5 Division 6 Division 7 Division 8 Division 9
Division Prize Multiplier* $697,081,500.00 $5,996,400.00 $59,964.00 $2,998.20 $1,199.28 $59.96 $59.96 $23.99 $11.99
Winners Multiplier** 0 0 1 121 321 7370 6631 50080 117860

Prizes have been converted at the following rate: 1 USD = 1.4991 AUD

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Division 1

5 numbers + Mega Number

Division 2

5 numbers

Division 3

4 numbers + Mega Number

Division 4

4 numbers

Division 5

3 numbers + Mega Number

Division 6

3 numbers

Division 7

2 numbers + Mega Number

Division 8

1 number + Mega Number

Division 9

Mega Number

  • USA Mega Lotto: Your Ticket to Mega Millions – The Best US Lottery?

    USA Mega Lotto: Your Ticket to Mega Millions – The Best US Lottery?

    Mega Millions is right up there with the largest lotteries in the world. What do we mean by this? We mean that the prizes in this famous US lottery are some of the most impressive on record and its astonishing jackpots have made sure it’s one of the most popular lotteries in the world.

    When you buy a ticket in our USA Mega Lotto, we buy a matching ticket in a US Mega Millions draw. This lets you win from the draws of this US Lottery using the same numbers you selected yourself. The USA Mega Lotto is available exclusively at The Lottery Office.

  • Quick Facts About The Lottery Office’s USA Mega Lotto

    Quick Facts About The Lottery Office’s USA Mega Lotto

    Some points you should know about:

    1. You don’t need to travel overseas to buy tickets or to claim any prizes, we do all the leg work for you.
    2. If the Mega Millions ticket wins a prize, we collect the prize ourselves in the USA.
    3. If the prize is below AUD$10,000 we pay the same amount into your Lottery Office account immediately after the draw has been processed.
    4. If the prize is AUD$10,000 or more, we contact you to arrange payment to you. We charge no fees or take any commissions on your winnings.

    It’s one of only a small handful of lotteries that can boast jackpots that can reach into the billions, while offering some very substantial minor prizes at the same time.

    Thanks to the Lottery Office, players from Australia and New Zealand can win from the draws of this mega lottery by entering our own government licensed USA Mega Lotto.

    Keen to find out more about how you can become the next Aussie or Kiwi to win from the draws of the USA Mega Millions? Read on below to find out all you need to know about this unprecedented lottery and how you can play our USA Mega Lotto to try and snap up a huge prize from a Mega Millions draw.

    Check the infographic below for a rundown on what the Mega Millions has to offer.

    Mega Millions
  • History Of US Mega Millions

    History Of US Mega Millions

    The US Mega Millions has been making millionaires for over 25 years and shows no signs of slowing down. This US Lottery started out with its first draw in September 1996. Back then it was known as 'The Big Game Mega Millions', with only six US states taking part and just one weekly draw each Friday. It was such a popular US Lottery that just a couple of years later, an extra weekly draw was added.

    Six years later, its name was changed to 'Mega Millions', and high demand continued to fuel its massive growth.

    As the popularity of this US Lottery surged, more and more states gradually started to participate. Today 47 jurisdictions take part in bi-weekly draws.

    In 2013, the jackpot prize was set at a minimum AUD$15 million, but in October 2017 it was temporarily boosted to a very impressive AUD$50 million, before being dropped to AUD$25 million due to the pandemic.

  • Record-Breaking US Mega Millions Wins

    Record-Breaking US Mega Millions Wins

    The Mega Millions holds the world record for the highest ever prize won from a single lottery ticket, at an unbelievable AUD$2.1 billion, won in October 2018 by one very fortunate player from the state of South Carolina. Unlike most US states, South Carolina doesn’t require that lottery winners reveal their identity, which would have made the winner very happy. It took the winner 5 whole months before they came forward to claim their win. Winners with The Lottery Office are not required to claim their wins, they are paid automatically into your Lottery Office account, or in the case of big wins, we contact you to arrange payment.

    January 2021 saw another jackpot worth over a billion dollars won in this US Lottery. This was the second time that the billion-dollar threshold has been crossed. Just one winning ticket was responsible for the entire massive prize, valued at AUD$1.2 billion. A lottery club from Detroit, Michigan with 4 members claimed the win. Lottery winners are required by Michigan law to reveal their identity, and one of the 4 members was forced to reveal himself to the public.

    Any players with The Lottery Office who win a prize have the right to collect from us with total anonymity. This includes winners of major jackpot prizes.

  • US Mega Millions Prizes

    US Mega Millions Prizes

    Along with its huge AUD$25 million minimum jackpot, the US Mega Millions and our matching USA Mega Lotto have 8 minor prize divisions, with prizes of up to AUD$1.4 million.

    Unlike most lotteries, the non-jackpot prizes for the US Mega Millions are set in stone. This means that no matter how many tickets are sold in a draw, you can be sure that the prizes will be the same week in, week out.

    The minor prizes make sure that even if the jackpot isn’t won, there are still plenty of other potentially huge prizes to play for in this US Lottery. With a 1 in 24 chance that any entry will win, the more entries you have the more likely it is that that you’ll score a prize.

    For jackpot prizes, winners have the choice of taking their winnings as a single lump sum, or they can opt to receive one immediate payment followed by 29 annual payments. This could be a good option for those that don’t think they can trust themselves with such a massive influx of cash! The lump sum payment is the most commonly chosen option amongst big prize winners, and understandably so.

  • Aussie was Just One Number From a Record USA Mega Lotto AUD$500 Million Win

    Aussie was Just One Number From a Record USA Mega Lotto AUD$500 Million Win

    In 2020, a Sydney USA Mega Lotto player at The Lottery Office fell painfully short of a world-record online lottery prize. Just one number was the difference between a third division USA Mega Lotto win and an unbelievable AUD$500 million! The winning main number she needed was 51, whereas the customer had selected 50. So close!

    Despite being just a whisker away from bringing home a world-record online gaming payout, the winner was over the moon with her win and had plans to take herself and her daughter on the trip of a lifetime.

  • How to Play Mega Millions in Australia?

    How to Play Mega Millions in Australia?

    Hey Australia, like the idea of American Lotto? It’s easy to play the Mega Millions, US Lottery. To enter, players just need to choose 5 numbers from a pool of 1 to 70 and 1 mega number from a separate pool of 1 to 25. When you play to win from the draws of the Mega Millions with our USA Mega Lotto, you can pick all your numbers yourself, or you can even have us generate your numbers for you at random.

    All number sets that you play have the exact same chance of winning a prize as any other, so statistically it doesn’t really matter how your numbers are chosen.

    You can enter as many or as few games as you like into a draw, and there are two draws each week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

  • Multiply Your Prizes with the Multiplier

    Multiply Your Prizes with the Multiplier

    If you want to see your non-jackpot wins surge, you can play the multiplier feature. The multiplier is an add-on option available for our USA Mega Lotto games. When you choose to play the multiplier and you win any non-jackpot prizes, they’ll be multiplied by 2, 3, 4 or even 5 times!

    Before each main draw, a separate draw is conducted to randomly select which multiplier will be in play for the main draw (2x, 3x, 4x or 5x).

    A 2nd division win is normally worth AUD$1.4 million, but if this is won with the 5x multiplier feature, it would instead be worth AUD$7 million. Very impressive for a division 2 prize! Even if only the 2x multiplier was in play, a huge AUD$2.8 would be won in division 2.

    Next time you play our USA Mega Lotto, why not give the multiplier a go? If you’re a non-jackpot prize winner, you’ll be happy that you did.

    The USA Mega Lotto isn’t our only lottery that offers Multiplier entries. Players also have the chance to be US Powerball winners from our USA Power Lotto. When played with the Multiplier, non-jackpot prizes can be boosted by up to 10 times.

    Check the table below to see how much the multiplier can boost your winnings.

    Match Your prize if the Multiplier number is*:
    2 3 4 5
    5 + 0 $2,000,000 $3,000,000 $4,000,000 $5,000,000
    4 + 1 $20,000 $30,000 $40,000 $50,000
    4 + 0 $1,000 $1,500 $2,000 $2,500
    3 + 1 $400 $600 $800 $1,000
    3 + 0 $20 $30 $40 $50
    2 + 1 $20 $30 $40 $50
    1 + 1 $8 $12 $16 $20
    0 + 1 $4 $6 $8 $10

    * All prize amounts are in USD. Prizes are converted to AUD prior to payment.

  • Get More Chances with Multidraws

    Get More Chances with Multidraws

    When you play our USA Mega Lotto you can play your numbers for 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 or 20 consecutive draws. This ‘set and forget’ option is a great way to make sure you don’t forget to play your numbers in the upcoming draws, and allow you to enter multiple draws with one purchase. Our players find this much easier than making a separate purchase for each draw and it is a great time-saver. Each draw you decide to play is another chance to win a prize; the more you play, the more likely it is that you’ll win.

    The multidraw option is only available when you choose your own numbers, and is not available when using ‘quick plays’.

  • US Mega Millions Lotto Systems

    US Mega Millions Lotto Systems

    Lotto Systems allow players to select more, or fewer, games than are normally allowed in the rules in the Mega Millions. Instead of picking only 5 main numbers, you can select up to 10! These extra numbers mean that more possible number combinations are selected, and as a result these games have a higher chance of winning in comparison with a standard Mega Millions game. Alternatively, you may wish to select only 4 main numbers instead of 5; this option gives you 66 chances to win a prize compared with only 1 as is the case with a standard game. You can even opt to guarantee that you get the mega number! This is the equivalent of buying 25 standard games.

    The Lottery Office gives its players the opportunity to play lotto systems in the USA Mega Lotto.

    The US Mega Millions doesn’t offer this, but this isn’t a problem for our customers. When you play a USA Mega Lotto system with us, we buy all the required equivalent games in the Mega Millions and pay you the same amount that we collect from any winnings.

  • When Is the US Mega Millions Drawn?

    When Is the US Mega Millions Drawn?

    The USA Mega Millions is drawn twice a week in Atlanta, Georgia, each Wednesday and Saturday at 2pm (AEST). Our matching USA Mega Millions draw takes place in Darwin shortly after the relevant draw in the US and has the same winning numbers and prize values.

    Sales for USA Mega Lotto draws close a few hours before the draw. Ticket sales for this US Lottery stop at 11am (AEST) for each draw, and any tickets purchased after this time will automatically be entered into the following draw.

  • Play USA Mega Lotto and Win the Same Prize Amounts as Mega Millions!

    Play USA Mega Lotto and Win the Same Prize Amounts as Mega Millions!

    If you want the chance to win a record-breaking online jackpot, play our USA Mega Lotto. Aussies and Kiwis deserve the chance to win hundreds of millions, or maybe even billions!

  • USA Mega Lotto FAQs

    USA Mega Lotto FAQs

    Below are our three most common US Mega Millions questions:

    How can I play to Win from US Mega Millions Draws from Australia?

    Australians and New Zealanders can play the USA Mega Lotto at The Lottery Office. For every USA Mega Lotto ticket you buy, we buy a matching ticket in a Mega Millions draw in the US using the same numbers. We gather any prizes from the Mega Millions ticket, and then we pay you the same amount.

    Can you win Mega Millions if you are not a US citizen?

    You do not need to be a US citizen to participate in or win the USA Mega Lotto or the Mega Millions lottery. To play in Australia or New Zealand, you can play the USA Mega Lotto at The Lottery Office.

    Can Australian citizens play US lottery?

    Australians can legally enter US lotteries when they are in the USA, or they can play the matching USA Mega Lotto in Australia with The Lottery Office. We buy tickets in US Lotteries and pass the same amount of winnings on to you with no fees or commissions deducted.

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